We know just how important cables are and how the correct interconnect, HDMI and speaker cable can transform the experience and pleasure of listening to or watching your favourite piece of music or film. Cables are not and never have been an accessory.  They are a vital part of your system, and choosing the right cable is more important now than it ever has been. Whatever your system and whatever your passion, be it music, film or games, Chord cables can take your experience to a new level.

All our staff are fully trained by The Chord Company which means we can discuss and recommend the right cable for your system and make up most speaker cable in our workshop.

We stock a wide range of the Performance range from QED which offers great performance at a great price. If you are unsure which is the right cable for you or your system please talk to us in our showroom or contact us through our website.

We also offer custom cable termination in store where we can cut and terminate your cable with QED airlock banana plugs or spade, BFA or bare wire depending on your requirements.