Custom installation is all about having your equipment installed in your home surroundings and tailored to your requirements.

Not many people like to see cables and nobody likes to see a nest of them. Cable management is something that we see as an art, although time consuming it can change the overall appearance of any Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Television. With a little investment we can tidy up and manage most requirements. We don’t just wrap cable ties around them, we divide and consider the types of current involved and manage to ensure performance is not compromised.

We also have an understanding of most forms of construction, which allows us to find the right solution for most applications from wall mounting to hanging from a ceiling.


We carefully work with our suppliers to find the right solutions that after careful planning produce crafted results.

What brings a system together is making it easy and intuitive to operate, we offer some selected solutions of intelligent remote controls. With an ever-increasing selection often involving tablets such as an ipad, we look for robust control systems that offer a good level of support.

In a modern home, more and more devices are now becoming smart devices that connect to your router and the Internet. In this modern age we very rarely think twice about re-booting our routers when things grind to a halt and the frequency of this is increasing. We offer many solutions to home networks to help improve reliability and extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, this includes both music and video distribution and storage solutions.

Future Audio offers this and anything in between, with years of experience and the latest tools, we can install a smart and discrete system that will also be reliable and easy to use for many years to come.

If you wish to enquire about some installtion work please give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.