Arcam exists for one simple reason: to bring the best possible sound into people’s lives, whether from movies or their favourite music. We have on demonstration all of the FMJ stereo components from the A19 to the A49 featuring Arcam’s class G technology.

With a class G amplifier, toroidal based power supply, acoustically damped chassis, complementary transistor output stages and exceptionally low levels of distortion and noise these amplifiers are capable of reproducing music with all its original authority and detail. Rest assured you will be hearing the music just as the artist intended.


We are proud to be a Cyrus Signature retailer which means we stock the full Cyrus range allowing you to listen and experience what they have to offer in our comfortable demonstration room. As an authorised Cyrus dealer with also handle the return of products for service or upgrade.

Cyrus design, prototype, tune, manufacture and support their products, both new and historic from their UK headquarters which is unusual for a modern consumer product. Cyrus is a privately owned company, conceived and run with the core principle that, like their customers, they focus on premium stereo music systems.

As well as having the knowledge and experties on the current range we are also very familiar with past products for help with setup and additions to existing systems.

As an authorised Cyrus dealer with also handle the return of products for service or upgrade. We can also now offer instore Qx Module upgrades for Stream XP₂, 8₂ DAC and Pre₂ DAC models.

Launched in Hampshire in 2001, IsoTek is a leading brand of power management products for hi-fi and home cinema use.

Its product range includes high-performance mains cables and connectors, plus a range of performance-enhancing power conditioners focused on the specific requirements of individual systems. IsoTek have earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide.

A Linn specialist we have many years experience in past and current products.

As well as having the Akurate LP12 on demonstration we also service older LP12’s no matter the age. Our fully trained staff can do a standard service for £150.00 and can quote for any repair or upgrade work. Please call us prior to bringing your deck into us and as always make sure that it is transported carefully to us. If you are unsure we also offer the option to collect the turntable.

We are also network streaming experts working with the Majik, Akurate and Klimax DS. The world of streaming can sometimes be a mystery but we are on hand to go through the technology and the requirements to add digital streaming to your home.

We have Akudorik and Akurate Exakt speakers for demonstration and can offer Linn’s Space Optimisation technology to tune your speakers to your room to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.

Offering a wide range of award winning Hi-Fi and home cinema products for any budget whether it be separates or all in one you are sure to find the right product or system from Marantz.

Being backed by Western Digital and developed by audiophiles, for audiophiles, Melco is proud to present the world’s first true High Resolution Digital Music source – with none of the compromises of the computer peripherals market.

With a real source component to access, store and deliver Hi-Res music, Melco offers the opportunity for the music lover to finally enjoy studio quality Hi-Res digital music without any compromise.

Since the companys foundation, Naim Audio has relentlessly pursued the same, single, outwardly simple aim: to recreate the performance a musician has recorded accurately and with all of the information wholly intact. That means that not only must the musical notes be faithfully preserved but so must the emotion and passion that inspired the performance.

We stock a wide range of Naim products from the Muso all-in-one player to streamers to pre/power amps and power supplies and have excellent knowledge on all of them so contact us if you have any questions.

We can offer instore software updates as well as arranging services for your Naim products.

Nova Fidelity is where media streamers meet HiFi components in a seamless manner. Our focal points are on great sound, brilliance, integration, balance, upgradability, build, coupled with ease of use.
Stunning, stylish with a high quality finish plus a multitude of additional features that makes it one of the most wanted devices for any music lover.

Rotel…Exceptional Sound. No Exceptions!
They are a fifty year old high performance audio / video manufacturer of receivers, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, CD players, tuners and multi-zone electronics for hi fi and home theater.

Much of Rotel’s success can be attributed to their fundamental engineering philosophy called Balanced Design Concept, which is a disciplined synthesis of physics, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Balanced Design Concept revolves around three major areas: parts selection, circuit topology, and critical evaluation. These aspects influence final sound quality significantly and illustrate Balanced Design’s holistic approach to product development.