Rega Planar 1 - Big Performer on a Budget

Rega’s entry level turntable is a great starting point for a first vinyl based system or to get you back in to your record collection.

The Planar 1 is the first rung of the ladder of the Southend based company’s superb turntable range but it still has the performance you’d expect from the brand.

Winning three consecutive What Hi-Fi? awards for the best turntable under £500 is the first sign that this turntable is excellent value for money. At £249 you’d be hard pushed to find a better alternative where every part (except for the cartridge) is built and assembled in the UK.

For most, the idea of setting up a turntable can be daunting but the Planar 1 can be ready to go in minutes. No arm balancing is required, just push the counter weight as far as it will go, take off the stylus guard and you’re good to go.

If you, like many are using a wireless speaker such as a Sonos multi-room system for your music you can place a phono stage such as the Rega Fono Mini between the turntable and the speaker (if it has an input) and enjoy your vinyl throughout the house. The upgraded Planar 1 Plus features a built in phono stage at £329.

We have the Planar 1 in stock and on demonstration so come and check it out for yourself!