Cyrus ONE HD - An Ideal Beginners Amp


The original Cyrus One integrated amplifier was released in 1984. The target audience were people looking for audiophile performance at a reasonable price point.

35 years later Cyrus are once again offering top quality on a budget with the Cyrus ONE and ONE HD.

These are perfect options for either bringing an old system up to date or for your first venture into the hi-fi world.

With 100w of Class D power on tap, any pair of speakers will happily work with the ONE and even at lower volumes this amp will keep the low end growling through them.

If most of your music listening is done through a phone then the built-in Bluetooth input is ideal! Just connect your phone, open your prefered streaming app and you’re away in seconds.

ONE HD Inputs

ONE Inputs

Cyrus ONE HD

Cyrus ONE HD

Cyrus ONE

Cyrus ONE

The phono stage on these amps is perfect for anyone with entry to mid level turntables and even those with high quality Moving Magnet cartridges.

The advantage of the ONE HD are the digital inputs and the high quality DAC. CD players come alive when plugged into the SPDIF inputs and high resolution files from a streamer or laptop connected via the USB input are delivered in their purest, uncompressed form. Run your TV into the optical input for a more cinematic experience at home.

Although these are the entry level for Cyrus, they can be upgraded over time by adding a power amp or even a couple of mono power amps to the pre output. Then you are on the slippery slope of the Cyrus upgrade path!

Both the ONE and ONE HD are currently on offer and are availble to order in store and online.