Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bass

Low--Formation Bass Front Angle_0.jpg
Low--Formation Bass Front Angle_0.jpg

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bass


Add a deeper depth of bass to your music and movies

  • Opposed Dual Driver technology reduces distortion

  • Powerful Class D amplifier delivers exacting performance

  • Dynamic EQ optimises performance in real time

  • Features Formation® Wireless Technology

  • Sets up in moments

  • Wirelessly connects with Formation speakers

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The wireless Formation Bass from Bowers & Wilkins, as part of the Formation Suite, puts even wired subwoofers to the test. Its unique patented cylindrical design enables the use of opposed dual driver technology to reduce distortion, while a powerful Class D amplifi er with Dynamic EQ delivers crisp, clean sound. Formation Bass is more accurate, well-timed, and more expressive than ever creating a greater depth of sound you can not only hear, but also feel. It also pairs seamlessly with other speakers in the Formation Suite and together they create the Highest Form of Sound™